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One of them, situated on one of the highest elevations in the town, was built in the 19th century by an industrialist, August Gemlper.In 1956 a glass pavilion was added to the house to accommodate exotic plants, and later a restaurant was opened.Economic cooperation, social contacts and joint educational ventures mean that Zielona Góra has, for long, been strongly linked with contemporary Europe.Zielona Góra maintains constant contacts with partner cities: Cottbus, Verden (Germany), Helmond (Holland), Troyes (France), Nitra (Slovakia) and L'Aquila (Italy), as well as with friend-cities: Bistrita in Romania and Soltau in Germany.The authorities place particular emphasis on development of this sphere of life.Zielona Góra offers accommodation for about 1,200 people and efforts are constantly made to develop the accommodation facilities. There are characteristic 19th century tenement houses in the Old Town, i.e.The Tower, together with the nearby Timber market (at present Drzewna street) are linked with the history of witch trials that took place here in the 16th century.

A long time ago it used to be part of one of the town entrance gates.A major merit is its place in the transport system, lying almost exactly on the crossroads of international road and railway routes linking Scandinavia with south Europe and Warsaw with Berlin.A short distance from Zielona Góra will be more than 200 kilometres of motorways: the A2 Paris-Moscow, A3 Szczecin-Prague, and the A4 Brussels-Kiev.In summer the nearby restaurants and pubs have their outdoor beer gardens there.In the centre of the Old Town there is the Town Hall dating from the second half of the 15th century.

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